General In Company Course Conditions

  • Location and number of students in groups does not affect the budget.
  • No registration fees.
  • We guarantee successful completion of courses and Exam results, or your money refunded.
  • There is Payment Protection for all our courses.
  • With our Customer Loyalty Plan, companies secure a 5% discount upon completion of a course for the following round of courses.
  • The level of the students
  • Type of program
  • Scheduling
  • We work one-to-one or in mini-groups (max 6 Ss).
  • We do not adhere to a cancellation policy. No prior cancellation notice necessary, as any class cancelled must be recuperated in max 14 working days.
  • All our courses are CEFR-aligned, and the faculty has to prescribe with english365 curricula.
  • All our courses include an optional, but highly recommended Exam exit.
  • Exam preparation is provided free of charge. English 365 also secures a discount for Exam fees.
  • We offer companies freeze options in extenuating circumstances*.
  • The Course payments are invoiced on a monthly basis and they are fixed, unless there are changes to the contracted services.
  • English365 works with Tripartita subsidies.
  • Material may be provided.
  • Demo class for free.
  • Depending on the contract size, English365 will also award on an annual basis gratuitous workshop/seminars to address specific work environment issues.

Tripartite Foundation

We facilitate and process the courses subsidized by the Tripartite Foundation.

English365 Tripartita Brokers process the courses subsidized by the Tripartite Foundation for Employment in languages.
At present companies have a credit through the bonus system for vocational training to be used in the improvement of employee performance that will affect not only their overall qualifications, but also increase the competitiveness and productivity of the company.

Advantages of choosing English365 for subsidized courses

  • English365 offers a complete language training service clearly outlining each course objectives and timeframe.

  • We facilitate the implementation of the Tripartite Foundation subsidy.

  • We provide General, Academic, Professional Language Courses, Seminars/Workshops and Coaching.

  • Quality control and successful completion of courses guaranteed.

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