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1) Can I have a birthday party?

You ______ ask your father.

A) needB) have toC) oughtD) must to


2) Are you going to paint your room by yourself?

No, I´ll______my brother to help me.

A) makeB) putC) getD) do


3) We´ve driving since this morning.

We´ll stop_______something to eat in the next town.

A) haveB) havingC) to haveD) to be having


4) Why are you back so soon?

Nobody______at the playground, so I left!

A) wasn´tB) wereC) weren´tD) was


5) Which boy is your son?

He´s the one______the guitar.

A) who playB) playingC) he´s playingD) is playing


6) I really hate______ when people interrupt me.

A) itB) theseC) thoseD) if


7) I wish I______told Kim about it. Now she´s upset.

A) wouldn´tB) didn´tC) hadn´tD) haven´t


8) What did you say______for her birthday?

A) wants KellyB) does Kelly wantC) did Kelly wantD) Kelly wants


9) Do you like Chinese food?

Yes, but I prefer Japanese______Chinese.

A) thanB) toC) fromD) rather


10) ______the firefighters arrived, the building was already in flames.

A) by whenB) until the timeC) as soon asD) by the time


11) I want all of you______in your essays by Friday.

A) handingB) to handC) have handedD) had handed


12) I liked the movie______that I saw it twice.

A) veryB) too muchC) very muchD) so much


13) Mark won the first prize in the competition.

_________to congratulate him?

A) don´t call usB) shouldn't we callC) having calledD) we will call


14) ________of the people here work part-time.

A) mostB) manyC) most ofD) lots


15) I´m taller than Bob, _______?

A) aren´t IB) I am notC) am ID) don´t I


16) I missed the party because I didn´t know _________

A) that it wasB) where it wasC) it wasD) when was it


17) Have you been to Spain?

Yes, I_______there two years ago.

A) had goneB) have goneC) wentD) was going


18) I can´t tell you where_________

A) it´s hiddenB) is it hiddenC) is hidingD) hides


19) She´s not very nice. _______, she´s quite rude.

A) howeverB) even thoughC) in factD) nevertheless


20) Where´s Jane?

She´s out_______

A) shoppingB) to shoppingC) go shoppingD) for shopping


21) How´s that pie?

It´s_______I´ve ever tasted.

A) the better pieB) one of the best piesC) the best piesD) good as the pie


22) ________ for 30 years, I am looking forward to retiring.

A) I workedB) I had workedC) Have workedD) After working


23) Tim________ to pick me up at 6 o´clock. He´s an hour late.

A) supposedB) was supposedC) would supposeD) was supposing


24) Lynne_______ Tim at St. John´s church last Saturday.

A) marriedB) married toC) married withD) got married together


25) I wanted that last cookie.

Well, you_______ said so.

A) shouldn´t haveB) would haveC) wouldn´t haveD) should have





1) The light in the restaurant was so_______ I couldn´t see the food!

A) darkB) weakC) downD) dim


2) I am very_______ of my neighbours; they are always polite and friendly.

A) affectionateB) lovingC) fondD) passionate


3) You should ________in libraries so as not to disturb people who are reading.

A) whistleB) whisperC) mumbleD) murmur


4) The business partners had a meeting to try to …….. an agreement about the contract.

A) comeB) getC) haveD) reach


5) Tom was upset when Sue _______ his marriage proposal.

A) abstainedB) rejectedC) turnedD) denied


6) That cake looks ________ delicious.

A) fullyB) utterlyC) nicelyD) actually


7) You can get rid of _______ by holding your breath or drinking some water quickly.

A) yawnsB) coughsC) sneezesD) hiccups


8) I decided to turn over a new _________ ;I gave up smoking and joined a gym.

A) pageB) leafC) startC) beginning


9) Mike said he was _________ into making the statement.

A) compressedB) pressuredC) expressedD) enforced


10) Some nightclubs examine the ________ of your purse before they allow you to go in.

A) balanceB) suspicionC) contentsD) qualities


11) I had a(n)________ discussion with him about our problems yesterday.

A) frankB) plainC) outspokenD) fortunate


12) Take no ________ of Paul. He´s just in a bad mood.

A) attentionB) mindC) noticeD) care


13) The _______ on her face indicated that she wasn´t happy.

A) blinkB) frownC) winkD) blush


14) For our holiday we will ________ a yacht and sail to the Caribbean island.

A) lendB) hireC) chargeD) lease


15) The waitress_________ water into the glasses

A) threwB) spreadC) servedD) poured


16) Someone __________ me on the shoulder and asked me for directions to the museum.

A) grabbedB) tappedC) strokedD) grasped


17) Hank ________ a fabulous story about witches and goblins for the essay contest

A) made outB) made upC) thought throughD) thought over


18) It was a fine autumn day; the sun was shining and the leaves were ________ in the wind.

A) creakingB) cracklingC) rustlingD) muttering


19) He´s one of the best________ poets?

A) aliveB) in lifeC) liveD) living


20) This brooch has been passed down through three generations as a family ________.

A) heritageB) inheritanceC) heirloomD) legacy


21) Get out of the way! You're supposed to help me, not _______ me.

A) preventB) hinderC) stopD) occupy


22) He was very angry when he saw the________ to his car.

A) bruisesB) damageC) impressionD) condition


23) My mother doesn´t mind what I do. She´s very________

A) easy-goingB) strong-willedC) ready-madeD) hard-headed


24) You________ got me into trouble!

A) meaningfullyB) decidedlyC) dutifullyD) deliberately


25) Her diamond necklace ________ in the sunlight.

A) glazedB) glimpsedC) polishedD) sparkled





Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “Computers will one day replace teachers in the classroom” Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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